OnePlus 5 is out of stock across the world, is it being discontinued?

Despite being on the market for just four months, it looks like you can no longer get your hands on the OnePlus 5. The flagship smartphone is currently listed as out of stock on the company’s website in numerous countries across the globe.

We checked the availability of the OnePlus 5 in dozens of the markets where OnePlus is officially active and, as of this writing, the OnePlus 5 is only available in India, where all versions are listed as “in stock” and the UK, where the Soft Gold 6GB model is still available. (Update: the phone is out of stock in the UK too).

Everywhere else, the OnePlus 5 is listed as out of stock. Moreover, on the US and Canada websites, the “Buy” button the OnePlus 5 has been removed completely, meaning that customers can’t even attempt to begin the purchase process.

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So, what exactly is going on? OnePlus hasn’t issued a statement regarding this topic, so all we can do is speculate at this point. It’s possible that the company is having supply issues and that the device will soon be back in stock. However, the more likely option is that OnePlus is clearing its inventory to make room for the rumored OnePlus 5T, which is said to be revealed sometime next month. The device is expected to come with the same specs as the OnePlus 5 but will offer a larger 6-inch display (2,160 x 1,080) with an 18:9 aspect ratio and a bezel-less design.

If the OnePlus 5T really does make its debut next month, the company’s current flagship will likely be discontinued in most markets. It was the same story with the 3T, which was discontinued everywhere with the exception of India once the OnePlus 5 was released.

The OnePlus 5 was still listed as available in many countries – at least in some configurations – when we checked earlier today, so it looks like OnePlus has just flipped the switch. If, by chance, you can still order, you should probably hurry up and complete the transaction.

We’ve reached out to OnePlus for comment and we’ll update if we hear back.

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